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  • Huntkey Enterprise Group

    Household Use


    KJ380 High-End Photocatalyst Air Purifier

    Innovatively utilizing patented aerospace technologies from Japan, it is able to effectively decompose formaldehyde gas, TVOC, odors, viruses and bacteria, as well as remove particles, dust, pollens, haze and smoke.



    Model: KJ380

    Rated Voltage: AC220V/50Hz

    Rated Power: 75W

    Noise Level(Max.): 66dB(A)

    Net Weight: 10.4kg

    CADR (formaldehyde): 150cbm/h

    CADR (particle): 369cbm/h

    CCM (particle): P4

    Applicable Area: 26-45sqm

    Dimensions: 676*495*274mm



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