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    HK700-12UEPA 2U 600W Power Supply

    HK700-12UEPA 2U 600W Power Supply
    ● Conform SSI EPS2.1 server power supply standards
    ● Adapted voltage range: 90~264VAC
    ● Ball Fan, temperature control circuits
    ● Overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection
    ● High reliability, 100% full load burn-in test
    ● One year renewal, three-year warranty


    Rated Power
    Input90V-265VAC(47Hz-63Hz) 10A Max
    OutputLoad RangeVoltageRipple & Noise
    Not exceeding 140W if combines +3.3V and +5V together
    Standby Power Consumption≤3W
    Protective FunctionOvervoltage protection, over power protection, short circuit protection,
    Working EnvironmentAir Temperature:0℃~60℃,Relative Humidity:5%~95% without condensation
    Storage EnvironmentAir Temperature:-40℃~80℃,Relative Humidity:5%~100%
    EMIConform EN55022 Class B GB9254 Class B
    Earth Leakage Current≤0.5mA(264VAC/50Hz)
    MTBF Value≥100K hours.MIL-HDBK-217F(25℃)
    Cooling MethodForced cooling and fan cooling method
    Package Method8PCS/Per Case
    Typical Dimensions(mm)240(L)×100(W)×70(H)
    Design StandardsConform SSI EPS 2.1 server power supply standards 2U structure
    ApplicationNetwork Server, IPC, etc.



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