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    Huntkey’s “Quality Month” Kick-off Meeting for the 2021 Fiscal Year Has Opened


    Huntkey's "Quality Month" kick-off meeting for the 2021 fiscal year was successfully held in Shenzhenand Heyuan industrial park on September 4 and September 7, respectively. Huntkey's executive president Mr.Liu, IT BG general manager and quality assurance department quality manager Zhaoxia, product center general manager Guirong, manufacturing center general manager Pingwu, human resources general manager Guohou, Consumer BG general manager Mr.Zhang, Terminal BG general manager Xianfeng,supply management director Zhou Dan, quality assurance general manager Mr.Li, and major representatives of various departments, a total of more than 70 people attended the Shenzhen industrial park kick-off meeting. General manager of the product center Guirong, general manager of the quality assurance department Mr.Li, general manager of the Parts BU Mr.Xiong, deputy general manager Li of the Jing Group Business Department, Jing from the Supply Management Department, Fangde from the Jing Group Product Department, and Lianyu from the Heyuan Business Department, more than sixty peopleattended the Heyuan industrial park kick-off meeting.


    Meeting in Shenzhen Industrial Park


    Meeting in HeyuanIndustrialPark

    With the theme of "Practice 933, all employees participate, continue to improve, and strive for quality benchmarks!" the 21st fiscal year Huntkey Quality Month aims to promote Huntkey's 933 quality management methods through a series of activities, and promote all employees to improve their quality awareness and quality management level, forming an atmosphere with full participation, continuous improvement, and striving for quality benchmarks.

    At the two kick-off meetings, Mr.Li, the supervisor of the quality assurance department, and Mr.Zeng, the coordinator of the quality assurance department, respectively introduced the fiscal year 2021 Huntkey Quality Month activities in Shenzhen and Heyuan industrial park. They elaborated on Huntkey's 933 quality management methods (9 principles and 33 key points) and introduced 7 quality training, 10 special activities, and 9 quality improvement projects about the 933 quality management method.


    Presentation at the Kick-off Meeting

    Then, Mr.Lilaunched the "Huntkey Quality Management Method Seminar" training. He introduced the topics of "What is quality?" and "What is quality management?", reviewed the century-old development of quality management methods, combined with Huntkey's quality management policy, management mission, and strategy, and discussed the key points of Huntkey's quality management.

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