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    The "Trade Union Cup" Held a Closing Ceremony


    On the morning of September 1, with the full enthusiasm and expectation of the employees, the "Trade Union Cup" of Longgang District, Shenzhen, the first Zhonghao & Huntkey Trade Union Joint Athletic Competition held a closing ceremony on the first floor of the Party and Mass Service Center in Zhonghao Industrial City. Yibin, Vice Chairman of the Longgang District Federation of Trade Unions, Zhijian, Vice Chairman of the Bantian Sub-district Federation of Trade Unions, Haiyan, Chairman of the Longgang District Federation of Service Workers Social Organizations, Zuocun, Longgang District Federation of Trade Unions' Rights Protection Department, Maoqi, Executive President of Huntkey, and Pingwu, General Manager of Manufacturing Center, Fahong, Chairman of Huntkey Labor Union, Lilu, Production Director of Weizhen Company, Juying, Vice Chairman of Weizhen Company Labor Union, and other people attended the event and presented awards to 42 award-winning employee representatives. The event was hosted by Jinpeng, Vice Chairman of Huntkey Labor Union.


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    First of all, Fahong, chairman of the Huntkey Trade Union, announced the Longgang District "Trade Union Cup" the list of winners of the first Zhonghao & Huntkey Trade Union Joint Athletic Competition, and expressed heartfelt congratulations to them. The leaders issued honor certificates and bonuses to the winners.



    Issue Certificates

    Then, Mr.Liu, CEO of Huntkey, delivered a speech. He said that the company has shown a good momentum of sustained, stable and healthy development and achieved good results, relying on the ingenuity and collective wisdom of the employees. Innovation is the number one driving force for the company's development, and human resources are the number one resource for the company's development. The comprehensive improvement of professionalism, professional skills and professionalism is a new call for enterprises in the new era, a new requirement for enterprises by social progress, a decisive factor for the company's high-quality development and innovation, and it is also a factor for everyone to settle down and realize the value of life. Therefore, it is a long-term strategic task of an enterprise to launch a skill competition for employees and improve the overall quality of the workforce. It is of great significance to both the company and the individual.


    Speech by Mr.Liu, CEO of Huntkey

    This competition was the first time that the Longgang District Federation of Trade Unions held a skill contest for front-line employees at the Zhonghao Industrial Park. Both the company and the trade union attached great importance to and support it. The contest started on August 11 and lasted until August 20. It covered 14 skill competitions including office software application, soldering, ultrasonic pressure, motor winding, screw locking, and storage stacking. A total of 405 employees signed up to participate. After 10 days of fierce competition, 84 employees stood out and competed for the first prize (14employees), the second prize (28employees ) and the third prize (42employees). The competition was well received and recognized by enterprises and employees, and has achieved good results in cultivating and exploring technical experts, spreading valuable skills, and promoting the spirit of craftsmanship.


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