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    The Dream Is the Sea of Stars, and the Journey Is the Sky of Thousands of Miles


    If there is anything to be missed in the student days, it must be the morning reading and class time with the classmates. Time flies quickly. Our new employees have finished their two-week intensive training and started internships in the workshop and laboratory.


    Group Photo at the End of Military Training

    During these short and precious two weeks, the new colleagues experienced military training, gained a deep understanding of the corporate culture, business and products. At the same time, the experience sharing of seniors also gave them a new understanding.




    Sharing Session

    After two weeks of intense study, it was time to relax. They visited many scenic spots such as Lianhuashan Park, Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning, Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhen Bay, etc. Although the weather was hot, everyone’s enthusiasm was undiminished.


    Team Building

    On the last day of the collective activity, we organized new colleagues to visit the Heyuan Industrial Park. Fei Wang from the Human Resources Department of Heyuan warmly welcomed everyone, took them to visit the company, introduced the vegetable garden, and led everyone to the canteen for dinner. Visiting the workshop in the afternoon, Fei provided a patient and meticulous explanation, and informed colleagues through cases: in work, you should not only consider yourself and ignore colleagues in other departments.


    Visit Heyuan Industrial park

    The training camp was over, followed by a more than two-month rotation internship. The bigger challenge was yet to come.


    Mr.Zhao Introduced Laboratory Internship Arrangements for New Colleagues

    There is a "flywheel effect" in psychology, which means that in order to make a stationary flywheel rotate, you have to spend a lot of effort at the beginning, pushing it round and round, each round is very laborious, but as you try, the flywheel will spin faster and faster with the effort. When a certain critical point is reached, the weight and impulse of the flywheel will become part of the driving force. At this time, you do not ;need to work harder, the flywheel will still rotate quickly and continuously. Everything is difficult at the beginning, only persistenceuntil success.

    The dream is the sea of stars, and the journey is the sky of thousands of miles. No matter what your ideal is, you must be down-to-earth, do everything you have at hand, step by step toward hope and glory.

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