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  • Huntkey Enterprise Group


    Huntkey Has Officially Authorized As an AEO Certification Company


    Huntkey has officially authorized as an AEO certification company recently. It is a leap for Huntkey to keep in line with the international AEO standards and fully implement the global internationalization trends. And it is also a good chance for Huntkey to convey the belief in corporate credit and product quality to the world.


    Huntkey CEO Mr. Liu Maoqi was awarded the AEO certification on behalf of Huntkey

    AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) is the general term for high-credit enterprises by the customs of various countries in the world. It is a system advocated by the World Customs Organization (WCO), which aims to achieve global trade security and convenience in the supply chain. The AEO certification company is an international trade company with the highest credit rating, certification standards and strong professionalism recognized by the customs of many countries. When AEO-certified companies export goods to countries (regions) that are mutually recognized by AEO, they can enjoy multiple preferential measures such as fast customs clearance, guarantee inspection and release, and collective taxation. It shortens the time for customs clearance, reduces costs, and improves the overall competitiveness of enterprises in international trade.



    Huntkey was founded in 1995 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Huntkey specializes in the development, design, and manufacturing of air purifiers, PC power supplies, industrial power supplies, surge protectors, adapters and chargers for over 20 years with branch companies and cooperating factories around the world. Huntkey will continue to deliver the belief in corporate credit and product quality to meet the needs of consumers and users.

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