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    Huntkey Power took the lead in passing CCC+CQC China dual certification


    To commemorate common holiday for standardization workers all over the world, China Quality Certification Center (CQC) issued the first batch of CQC performance certifications for switching power supplies on the day of "World Standards Day” on October 14, 2020. Huntkey, as the main drafting unit of performance certification standards, has 7 full series of power supplies passed CQC performance certification and obtained certificates. At the same time, HK850-51PP obtained the 001 certificate.

    On October 29, 2020, the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) held the first batch of switching power supply CQC performance grading certification dual certification activities in Shenzhen. Products display and promotion were carried out before the conference.

    The first batch of certificate issuance ceremony

    In addition, the meeting also conducted technical discussions on the audible noise indicators in the performance certification standards. The audible noise generated by indoor chargers and adapters is one of the important indicators that affect the comfort experience of users, and it is also an item required for dual-certified power supply performance certification. Experts explain audible noise related sound pressure level, A weighting, semi-anechoic chamber, piezoelectric effect, etc., to help companies better understand the relevant knowledge of audible noise. There is a detailed definition of the audible noise index value in article 4.4 of the dual-certified power supply performance standard "CQC1626-2020 Switching Power Supply Performance Part 1: General Requirements and Test Methods". It is worth to mention that the noise value of some Huntkey products is 130% better than the standard value.

    Huntkey invested 3.5 million to establish the first high-standard noise laboratory 12 years ago. It has deployed and equipped professional noise engineers in advance. Huntkey fully considers the comfort experience of users in the power supply R&D and design process, and has been actively researching and exploring for many years. The relationship between the decibel value of audible noise of switching power supply and human comfort.

    Audible noise test

    Huntkey Power took the lead in passing the CCC+CQC China dual certification, which is the inevitable result of the company's emphasis on product quality for many years. Huntkey will take this dual certification as an opportunity to continue to increase investment in product research and development, increase the exploration of consumer comfort experience, promote power supply innovation and change, and meet the needs of users’ demand for high-quality power supplies.

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