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  • Huntkey Enterprise Group



    Huntkey Electronics (Hefei) was awarded the fourth batch of provincial service-oriented manufacturing demonstration companies in Anhui Province

    Huntkey was awarded the title of Caring Enterprise by Shenzhen Bantian Sub-district Office in the charity fundraising event

    Huntkey was re-elected as the vice-chairman of the Chinese Power Supply Society (CPSS)

    Huntkey had officially authorized as an AEO certification company


    Huntkey won the "Technical Specification Formulation Unit Certificate" by China Quality Certification Center (CQC)

    Huntkey hold the first event of China's dual-certified power supply "Hundred Famous Enterprises"

    Huntkey hold the event of "Thousand Miles of Integrity and Quality of China Air Purifier"

    Huntkey won Lenovo's 2020 "Smart Quality " award of PCSD supplier

    Huntkey won the "Closed Loop of Quality Management Development" award

    Huntkey was awarded the title of "Shenzhen Quality Education Demonstration Enterprise"

    Huntkey was awarded as "National Advanced Unit for Democratic Management of Factory Business"

    Huntkey was awarded the "Sanitation Permit for Disinfection Product Production Enterprise" issued by the Guangdong Provincial Health Committee

    Huntkey Electric (Hefei) won the Anhui Province Safety Production Standardization Enterprise Certificate

    The dual-certification (CCC+CQC) power performance standard initiated and participated in the drafting by Huntkey was issued by the China Quality Certification Center


    Huntkey won Lenovo's 2019 "Perfect Quality" award

    Huntkey Sub-brand OUCICA Won the Annual "Nanshan Award" of Air Purification Products


    Honorary Tittle From Guangdong Green Intelligent Power Supply Engineering And Technology Research Center

    HuntkeywonLenovo’s 2018 “Diamond Award”


    Shenzhen Top100 Industrial Enterprise

    Leading Quality of Intelligent Power Strip in China


    Guangdong Top500 Enterprise

    China Quality Trustworthy Product

    China Quality Testing Stable Product

    China Product and Service Quality Demonstration Enterprise


    QBR & JQR Gold Prize from Lenovo

    Shenzhen Top100 Industrial Enterprise

    China Quality Typical Benchmark Enterprise


    Global Diamond Award Supplier from Lenovo

    President Honored with Shenzhen Top10 Quality Leader

    China Quality Typical Benchmark Enterprise

    Family for Model Employees in China and Home for Excellent Employees in Shenzhen

    Quality Contribution Award

    Renowned Brand in Asia

    President Honored with China Brand Innovation Celebrity

    Shenzhen Top100 Industrial Enterprise

    President Honored with Anhui Annual Economy Celebrity


    Huntkey got Lenovo "Perfect Quality Award" again

    Huntkey won the honorary title of "Excellent Demonstration Enterprises of National Quality and Service Integrity Commitment"


    Huntkey was awarded by Lenovo the highest award to global providers: "Diamond" Prize

    Huntkey became Shenzhen Municipal Research and Development Center (Technology Center)


    Huntkey was awarded 2011 year "Best Quality Improvement Prize" by Dixons Retail

    Huntkey continued to obtain Lenovo "Perfect Quality Award"

    Huntkey was reappointed consecutively as vice chairman of China Power Supply Society (CPSS)

    Huntkey became group member unit of China Illuminating Engineering Society

    Huntkey won the title of "Guangdong Provincial Model Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations"


    Huntkey obtained Lenovo Global "Perfect Quality Award"

    Huntkey was named "Best Company for the 30th Anniversary of Comprehensive Quality Management in Shenzhen"


    Huntkey ranked the top of "Fifteen Most Popular Power Brands in China"

    Huntkey was rated "Best Supplier" by Lenovo, Inspur, Haier, Tsinghua Tongfang, etc.


    "Huntkey" was rated Guangdong Famous Brand and Guangdong Famous Trademark

    Huntkey President Luo Wenhua was selected to act as torch bearer of Lhasa in the Beijing Olympic Games


    President Luo Wenhua was rated "Best Private Entrepreneur in Terms of Employee Care" by All China Federation of Industry & Commerce and All China Federation of Trade Unions


    Huntkey (Shenzhen) Industrial Park was named the most popular "Civilized Park"


    Huntkey received High-performance Supply Gold Award from Lenovo

    Huntkey was named "Honest Company in Shenzhen"


    Huntkey was named "Best Private Enterprise" in Shenzhen


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